[Credit list]

Client: Levi Strauss & Co. Taiwan
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Taipei
Art Director: Leah Chen
Copy Writer: Justin Chia
Senior Producer: Abby Ku
Account : Zoe Chuang / Thomas Yu

Design Studio: JL Design
Director: JL
Creative Director: JL
Art Direction: JL
Executive Producer: Angela Moo
Project Manager: Shirley Yang
Head of Production: Chih Chung Tso
Designer / Compositor: Chih Chung Tso, Utsuo Chen, Showy Lin
3D Artist: Chih Chung Tso, Weiting Chen, Gilbert Chu, Zoe Tsai, Chan Chia

[Official Description]

Levi’s 在全球推出全新量身定做系列的女性牛仔褲 Curve ID,概念由 slogan「你獨一無二,你的曲線更是」作為起點,用手繪的線條勾勒出 Bold / Demi / Slight 各自獨特的身形曲線。

從遠方走來的女生看似只有一種曲線,其實帶著 3 種身形線條的交疊,依次拖拉出不同線條的個性與輪廓,強調女性不只有一種曲線。 全片使用水彩般的質感來表現女生兼具的柔美與個性,用有手感的線條描繪曲線,大塊填色表現肌膚與髮絲,從視覺語言再次呼應 Levi's Curve ID 所要溝通的革命新概念。

Levi’s was launching a new revolutionary custom fit system for women worldwide. The line called Curve ID introduces a new range of jeans tailored for different body types and is going by the slogan ‘It’s about shape, not size‘. In order to bring out the three different Curve ID namely, Slight, Demi and Bold, we focused on the curvature of the hips using hand drawn lines.

At the start of the commercial, you see the hand drawn figure of a woman from a distant. As she walks nearer, you see three different colored body curves at the same time, reinforcing the slogan that not all women are shaped the same way. The choice to go with watercolor is to be able to express the femininity and character of the individual woman. The vibrant color on the face and hair, together with the expressive lines create a visual that echos the statement Curve ID, the revolutionary new line from Levi’s, is making about the distinctive shape of every woman.

Mainly participated in Photoshop frame painting
Software Mainly use: Adobe Photoshop CS4
使用軟體: Photoshop CS4

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