New York animation studio Motherland brought me on to create sound effects and edit score/VO on about 30 cinematics for this huge MMORPG from DC Comics and Sony Online Entertainment.

Here's a medley of alternate mixes to spotlight my sound effects. (They're more in the background in the actual mixes, with hero VO and score on top.)

Turn up your Bat-Woofers!

Sound Design by Michael Madill, Madsound.

Director: Lance Sells
Animators: Yoshi Sodeoka, Matt Andrews, Cassidy Gearhart
Video Treatment and Lighting: Lance Sells, Paul Daniel
Production Artist: Shamus Beyale
Designers: Matt Andrews, Michael Cina
Illustrators: Robert Atkins, Ryan Benjamin, Shamus Beyale, Matt Broome, Jim Lee, Mark McKenna, Mike Norton, David Ross, Brian Shearer, Craig Yeung
Colorists: Stephen Downer, Michael Komai, Pete Pantazis, Chris Sotomayor, Matthew Wilson

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