In 2003, Pro Helvetia (Art Council of Switzerland) asked fabric | ch to provide images of their recent works to publish a small book in the "Cahier d'artiste" series. Our work of the early years being mostly digital and low-res, frequently spatial and non linear as well, how would we translate it into a linear, hi-res, static publication?

We decided to create a digital space using our Electroscape framework ( to set up screenshots of our works following precise and seemingly abstract rules. The exact status, nature and location of this space had to remain unclear, unspoken, but opened to readers' speculations. A moving camera filmed a sequence shot through this "datascape" of our past works. Images were extracted from the movie to be published in the book. Texts by Maia Engeli and Eric Sadin, as well as black and white images of the virtual space without textures completed the book.

What remains (all the other potential images of the book) is presented in the first part of this movie. The second part shows the published "Cahier d'artiste" about fabric | ch.

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