I was at Tunnel View on 1/9/11 for the classic sunset view when I noticed the tule fog from the valley being blown up the Merced River Canyon into the valley. I decided to take a time-lapse movie to see how it developed.

It's not a great movie, but I like it and it sure beats any single image I would have been able to take that night.

The movie ends rather abruptly, but that was the last decent image I got before we got completely socked in and the sun set.

As I was driving out of the valley on HW120 past Foresta, I was treated to an awesome view of the Foresta Valley completely covered in fog to a height of 5000 feet. Spectacular.

The movie is made from 585 still images taken over a period of 55 minutes and played back at 6 frames per second.

Music is Tommy Emmanuel's La Visita

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