"Météorologie d'intérieur" is a project by Philippe Rahm, exhibited at Canadian Center of Architecture (Montreal) in 2006.

Philippe Rahm: "The installation at the CCA is conceived as two spaces, one gallery designated as the locus of production and measurement of an "interior weather" condition, and the other as the locus of interpretation of the resultant data. The first room could be described as objective, the second as subjective. The goal is to project an architecture that is capable of indicating possible uses of space which are dictated only by the chance confluence of three climatic parameters: temperature (celsius), light intensity (lux), and relative humidity (%), so that T * lux * HR = form and function."

In this project, fabric | ch created the interface between the two spaces, between the climatic sensors and the proposed usage of space. fabric | ch developed the software which manages the installation and analyzes climatic data to reinterpret them "in "fictions" suggesting new spatial practices, new forms of social behaviour, and new urban and architectural forms".

More info: philipperahm.com/data/projects/interiorweather/

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