Heroes deserve better!
Stereotypical images and the reduction to single characteristics rarely offer a deeper perception of the actual phenomenon.

„Heroismen“ features 4 artists and their different approach to topics such as stardom, fanaticism, self-expression and -invention. The presented work ranges from photography to collage and installation.

Being a tour manager, Jäki Hildisch travels the world with artists like Tokio Hotel and Robbie Williams. Digital photography is the perfect tool for him to allow the viewer a closer look into the environment of the stars, mainly consisting of hotels, airports and backstage rooms. He likes to capture what is rarely seen in the spotlight – the fans and their absolute devotion.

„Every Finnish man has a superhero inside: come and get photographed in underwear!“ In the winter of 2009 more than 30 finnish men followed Ignacio Chávarri´s call in the classifieds to have their picture taken. Chávarri takes advantage of the finnish habit to wear multicoloured thermal underwear, which is quite hard to differentiate from typical superhero costumes. With his „finnish superhero collection“ he democratizes the classical definition of a hero.

The work of Gwenaël Rattke glorifies cineastic heroes, disempowers the gentlemen of the german industry and brings back forgotten places and their epoch. In his collages Rattke deals with ideologies of the past, assembled in a time-consuming process without the use of digital equipment to keep the spirit of his idealized era alive.

‚citybirches photography works (2006-2010)‘ by Stephan Laackman is the visual translation of a musical friendship. He captures moments that tell of the pristine personalities of the selected musicians. In this exhibition we get a glimpse of his photographical long term project, which is accompanied by exhibitions and completed by a music compilation and a photography book. His pictures focus on independent and alternative bands on tour and feature the likes of Sonic Youth, Lambchop, Times New Viking, R.E.M., Mogwai and Mudhoney.

„Heroismen“ is curated by Stefan Fähler, illustrator from Berlin and founding member of the band Château Laut.


Direction: Uwe Neu
Schnitt: Frederic Leitzke, Andreas Lamoth

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