This poem was written on Feb 6, 2004. It was my birthday and after waking up, it was strange to me that I was in a great mood. You see, for whatever reason I'm normally moody on that day. After a few hours, I decided to get on my computer and the first thing I see is headlines reading of how authorities found the body of a young girl that morning. Carlie Brucia had been abducted from a car wash a few days before. Suddenly I felt overwhelmed with sorrow and cried uncontrollably. Then I became angry and wrote this poem. I was appalled by how although the names change in stories like Carlie's, there are new ones everyday. So this poem is a reflection from The Journey of my connection to a young girl whose life was stolen. I refuse to let Carlie become another forgotten statistic on a list of many children who since her death have also became part of The Cost.
This is why I not included a few reflections of Adam Walsh and his father John. I would like to first personally say how sorry I am for your son being part of The Cost but for the effort you give in helping all these children Thank You from Me to YOU. There are also a few reflections of a few who lost their lives and some who are still missing. I promised Carlie that I would not forget her and as we come up on 7 years this world has gone forward without her, It was time for me to remind us all of Carlie. And then have you say a prayer not just for Carlie, Adam, Jimmy and Roberta,
but for every child we've lost since their deaths.
Those are the children THEY are crying for-

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