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Part 1: This tutorial will help you set your camera up for capturing an HDR timelapse sequence using either a Canon or Nikon camera.

Things you will learn;

-Shooting on Manual mode 1:00
-Setting up continuous shooting 1:30
-Setting up your bracketing 2:17
-Setting up your white-balance 3:52
-Setting up your remote timer 4:20

Background: Many people are interested in knowing how to shoot and edit an HDR timelapse, however they don't have the knowledge to complete the task. This tutorial is designed to help you understand the process and allow yourself to create some amazing works of art.

Part 2: (Coming soon) Compositing and setting up your HDR timelapse in Adobe After Effects and HDR Exposure.

****Good Gouge on the timers "LONG" setting****
(Info from Be-Well)

If you are using a class 4 (or better) memory card, then a duration of 1 second is enough to fire all three bracketed shots in normal daytime light (may need to extend to two seconds if a longer shutter value is needed). Your interval duration allows more than enough time for the buffer to clear and be ready for the next sequence of shots. However, if it takes under two second to shoot and store the 3 bracketed shots, then another sequence of shots will be triggered also (before the next 6 second interval). This can cause two problems:

1 - not all of the second 3 bracketed shots will be fired off, leaving a delay of several seconds before the remainder are fired off. This will leave you with scene bending and offset the subsequent sequence of bracketed shots.

2 - the camera will successfully fire off 2 sets of bracketed shots within the 3 second duration, leaving a three second gap between the next interval. When processed to video, this produces stutter in the playback, i.e two images approx 1.5 seconds apart and the next 3 seconds apart - repetitively!

Thanks Be-Well


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Thanks and enjoy shooting your HDR Timelapse!

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