Markus Mehr and Stefanie Sixt create a stand-alone piece by combining music and visual arts. On purpose sound-patches implement a latent visual quality, freed from structures and metrics, from greaceful noise to tasteful kitsch. The music is taken from the album "Lava" by Markus Mehr, published by Hidden Shoal Recordings, Australia in 2010.

The visuals are based on animated, colourized and partially longterm exposed, monochrome nature photographs. The pictures are already abstracted while the photographs are shot. By interweaving the clips form compositions are created – reminding of moving paintings.
This show was recorded at H2 - Museum for Contemporary Art, Augsburg, Germany.


10/23/2010 H2 - Museum for Contemporary Art, Augsburg
08/15/2010 Passions Church, Berlin - Kreuzberg
05/15/2010 Bassart Festival Munich, Planetarium, Deutsches Museum
12/12/2009 Temporary Gallery "Muhackl oder Blutwurst", Augsburg

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