I was looking for an excuse to try out my new 50mm 1.8 lens in shooting some video. I put together some of my best shots of 2010.

Correction: I was shooting at 1920 not 920, also when I exported the video I had to downgrade to 720 to come in under the size limitations for the free account.

Canon Rebel T1i
50mm 1.8
CyberLink Director (program)

Scott Kelby's Blog (scottkelby.com/blog/)
Glyn Dewis Review (vimeo.com/18274856)
Glyn Dewis' Blog (glyndewisblog.com/)
The Bald Avenger (flickr.com/photos/23937252@N00/)
My Flickr Page (flickr.com/photos/jgo9/)
Score by Stereofloat - You're in my Head (en.audiofarm.org/audiofiles/171)

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