Genre: Documentary
Country of Production: Italy, Spain
Shooting Place: Burundi, France, Belgium, Italy
Year of Production: 2010
Running Time: 58´
Format: (16:9)
Sound: Stereo
Original Language: French, Kirundi, Italian
Subtitles: English

Acquired in February 2011 by Journeyman Pictures for worldwide distribution -


“Kamenge, Northern Quarters” is the picture of the soul of a whole country, Burundi, which asks for freedom and justice, the ideals Alexis Sinduhije is fighting for.
His story is closely linked to the life of his quarter, the Northern Quarters of the capital city Bujumbura - symbol of one of the most cruel wars the world has ever known, the conflict between hutu and tutsi - and of the young people who gravitate round the Kamenge Youth Center, the nerve center of “reconstruction” and coexistence after the civil war.
The background and the glances of the ones who have not left are interwoven with the life of Alexis who gave up his job as a journalist in 2007 to found a political party, standing for President in 2010.
“It is possible to build a liveable Burundi, it is possible. You must only believe it and take the risk.” Alexis says.
In Burundi, although the present government was elected democratically, the people who profess freedom of speech put their life in danger.


Production: Oneworld DocuMakers
Direction: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz
Direction of photography: Ana Izquierdo
Cameras: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz, Ana Izquierdo, Jean Pierre Aimé Harerimana
Sound: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz
Editing: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz
Music: Luca Será Micheli, Lorenzo Magnaghi
Visual Effects Artist & Design: Tricéfalo Studio
Sound Mix: Alsón Music & Sound
Color Correction: Ana Izquierdo
Screenplay: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz
Documentation: Elena Patoner
Photo of the prison of Mpimba: Roberto Cavalieri

Festival & Awards:

Selected at 6° Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos 2010 (17-07/24-07-2010, Sucre-Bolivia).
Selected at 1° DocUtah International Documentary Film Festival 2010 (16-09/25-09-2010, Utah-USA).
Selected at 5° Miradasdoc Festival Internacional de Cine Documental 2010 (29-10/06-11-2010, Tenerife-Spain).
Selected at 15° Amnesty International Film Festival 2010 (18-11/21-11-2010, Vancouver-Canada),
Winner of the Prize: "Silver Audience Award".
Selected at 3° Cairo Human Rights Film Festival 2010 (04-12/08-12-2010, Cairo-Egypt).
Selected at 5º CINE OTRO Valparaiso Festival de cine social y derechos humanos 2011 (03-01/08-01-2011, Valparaiso-Chile).
Selected at 4º Africa World Documentary Festival 2011 (05-03/12-03-2011 – Cave Hill, Barbados, 20-04/23-04-2011 - Yaounde, Cameroon, 12-05/14-05-2011 – St. Louis, Missouri.)
Selected at 9º International Human Rights Film Festival of Paris 2011 (08-03/15-03-2011, 2011, Paris-France).
Selected at 13º Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2011 (11-03/20-03-2011, Thessaloniki-Greece).
Selected at 7º Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2011 (21-04/24-04-2011, Doha-Qatar).
Selected at 26º Black International Cinema Berlin 2011 (04-05/08-05-2011, Berlin-Germany),
Winner of the Prize: "Best film/video documentary production".
Selected at 2º International Human Rights Film Festival of Nantes 2011 (15-06/19-06-2011, Nantes-France).
Selected at 14º Zanzibar International Film Festival 2011 (18-06/26-06-2011, Zanzibar-Tanzania).
Selected at 5º Addis International Film Festival 2011 (23-06/26-06-2011, Addis Ababa-Ethiopia).
Selected at 7º Tri Continental Human Rights Film Festival 2011 (09-09/28-09-2011, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria-South Africa).
Selected at 7º Montreal International Black Film Festival 2011 (21-09/02-10-2011, Montreal-Canada).
Winner of the Prize: “Best Medium-Length Documentary Film".
Selected at 14º Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival 2011 (29-09/03-10-2011, Istambul-Turkey).
Selected at 13º International Panorama, Patras International Festival of Film & Culture 2011 (01-10/08-10-2011, Patras-Greece).

Contacts: -

Oneworld DocuMakers - documentaries production: -

Manu Gerosa: -

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