I was trying to make a breathe-in/breathe-out snoring sound with the Mini Case...

Moog Rogue (audio only)
Doepfer A-119, A-140 and A-132-3
Frostwave Resonator and Blue Ringer
DIY multiple

Audio from the A-119 is being sent into each Frostwave pedal individually. Both pedals return to their own half of the A-132-3. The VCA associated with the Resonator is being modulated by the Output of the A-140. The Blue Ringer's VCA is being modulated by the Inverse Output of the A-140.

The A-140 is receiving a gate signal from the ELF LFO's Square Wave output.

The ELF LFO's Triangle Wave output is being split to control both the LP Resonance and HP Frequency on the Resonator.

The A-140's second output is controlling the HP Resonance on the Resonator.

The Blue Ringer is not receiving any CV, just audio.


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