"All I Wanna Do" Documentary, 59 minutes, Directed by Michelle Medina

We are entering the film into festivals at the moment and if there is a festival that you want to suggest, or a projection venue near you, we would be happy to hear from you.

Synopsis: "All I Wanna Do" follows the dreams of 48-year-old Simohamed who works as a parking guard in Morocco and his 17-year-old son Ayoub, who acts in Hollywood films. When Ayoub's dreams of going to Hollywood are dashed he turns to music and forms a hip hop group with his father. Like fish out of water, the duo set out to meet their heroes, enter studios and radio stations for the first time in an adventure through the music industry of Casablanca.

Watch on Youtube youtube.com/watch?v=gy2B2Qq9_l0


directed by michelle medina
first assistant director mickaël clouet
edited by adnane saali

simohamed rouguiyag
ayoub rouguiyag
don bigg
younes lazrak
aroug arabi
omar sayed
hamza akhmiss

camera mickaël clouet, hamza akhmiss, michelle medina
sound mixage patrice mendez
soundtrack courtesy of ed ntiri, david benezra (aka. hoofer of bizz2risk.com), thierry loshouarn, and clic records

poster graphic design Remoz

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