Documentary in the Making – “Knead to Succeed”

Manyfeet Productions are proud to be currently working on our most exciting and exclusive project in Australia to date - a documentary called “Knead to Succeed”, we are in the process of making and with your sponsorship help, completing! Our company wishes to complete and market this documentary not only to Australian television audiences – which we believe will have a high appeal to the viewing public, and therefore high-impact on ratings - we envisage of taking this project globally and showcase this documentary around the world at various film festivals.

The journey begins now; with the lives of three Australians (internationally acclaimed and competitive bakers) after this experience their lives will never the same! We are following the beginnings of their journey from forming the very first ever Australian Baking Team to be invited to compete in the Australian Industry First, the Louis Lesaffre Cup, and culminating in the international competition equivalent of the “Baking Olympic Games” in China to be held on the 26th-28th May, 2011. Should they be successful and win a placement in China – they will then be invited to compete at the final prestigious stage held in France every 4 years, competing with 12 of the best countries in the world in 2012!

The team of three Australian bakers will compete at the Louis Lesaffre Cup in an attempt to qualify for the Coupe du Monde del la Boulangerie, or World Baking Cup in 2012. Held at Interbake China on the 26th-28th May, 2011, team captain Brett Noy from Queensland, alongside Robert Howard and Trevor Sims from Western Australia, will compete against six countries in the Asia Pacific region in a competition involving 6000 bakers across 40 countries. Japan, the USA and France are all past winners. Why not Australia? The World Baking Cup is an opportunity to build a foundation of people who will pass on their knowledge and skills build a legacy for current and future generations of Australian bakers.

The level of sponsorship required to complete the production (only) of this documentary including location, freight, filming, and editing and post-production requires a minimum working budget of $200K + (after) costs of advertising and marketing to submit this documentary internationally to film festivals.

The most direct benefit of sponsorship to your company is product exposure and advertising both within Australian and internationally. Product placement and or related filming of factory tours and products used by the Australian Baking Team, and within the competition can be negotiated. However, this process must also remain somewhat impartial, in other words, merit artistic integrity as far as documentary making and therefore be treated as discretionary.

Manyfeet Productions want to show this important story – not only to showcase what the Australian Baking Industry itself is capable of, but to also tell the story behind the determined Aussies ready to go to battle, on an international scale that no Australian public has ever seen the likes of - in the Food Industry! Given the current ratings and general peaked interest in the Food industry, we believe it is extremely likely this documentary will be popular in main stream television as well as, appeal to international audiences from around the globe. Manyfeet will show that spirit of Aussie determination, grit and hard-work – culminating in the international equivalent of the “Baking Olympic Games” in China at the Louis Lesaffre Cup competition.

Please help support our Australian production company and bring this story to life on the big screen!

Many thanks for your consideration.

You can contact us directly on:

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