After becoming instantly enthralled with Expressions in After Effects (mostly because of Harry Frank's training series on After Effects Expressions), I had no choice but to devote an entire day to playing with this new toy. Although he's extremely articulate and the training is really well done; there's seems to be a severe lack of Velcro in my brain in any of the right places for the concepts to really stick. How I can manage complex mixes with bands (see for details), as well as program and manage a complex series of 80 websites (like and, but be a deer in the headlights when it comes to JavaScript and After Effects Expressions...I may never know.

So, this is a VERY not-serious cinematic intro started from scratch, as a response to one of the Harry Frank Expressions tutorials. It was a little too much "painting-by-numbers" for my tastes at the moment, but in actuality, most of my time was spent obsessing over deciding on which was the "perfect" place for the number of stills and clips I was working with. I really can't believe how quickly the hours pass as I make decisions down to the frame! I reminds me of the days of moving faders by 1 tiny decibel when obsessing over mixes with all seems SO important at the time.

Well, the goal of the day was to learn Expressions (at least the Wiggle Expression), yet I've done an incredible job of sidetracking myself once again. Perhaps there's a pattern already starting to emerge in my motion graphics world?

Anyway, as the clock ticks away, I realize that this project has a long ways to go. One of my goals is to be able to reproduce any of these "Day to Day" projects without having to look anywhere except my own brain. But then again: I'm in complete awe of what a vast resource of motion graphic artists there are who are willing to help out newbie-hacks like myself. I've never experienced THAT kind of networking in the music biz, so it's quite amazing to see. There really seems to be a real sense of community when it comes to motion graphics artists, especially when it comes to sharing some awesome tools that have already catapulted my learning and skill-set forward.

Either way, all too soon, time's up again. This project was mostly made possible by Harry Frank's After Effects Expressions training series, but the "grunge" background is from Video Copilot, and many of the effects are thanks to a newly-discovered BorisFX plugin called "Damaged TV." The rest is some home video footage of some snake handlers in "rapture," and included is the obligatory soundtrack I have so much fun piecing together.

What I really need to do is stop obsessing for 12-18 hours a day on each of these projects, as the whole of my world falls to the wayside. I need to swallow some pride and allow these to be 8 hour efforts instead of all-night marathons that swim in a sea of coffee and Kratom as they've been up until now. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have an example of taking it easy for a day...ha!

See you in 24.

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