Project: Diálogos Táctiles
Category: Sound Art, Video
Period: July 2007
Event: Art Residency

The Project I present is based on the interaction between the artist and the Nodar landscape, besides the simple field recording, in which the artist acts just like a mere spectator.

In this case, I seek to develop a set of “dialogues with the landscape” and not just “on the landscape”, recording the sounds generated by the physical contact (percussive) with different kinds of vegetation (trees, bushes, plants) and ground (soil, stones, water), and additionally taken as intermediary other elements that are not from the landscape but are present in it (objects left by their inhabitants).

I will then build improvised rhythms and structures (the ones that arise from the dialogue) that will be used as source material for a later digital process.

Each action will arise from the natural attraction between the photographic look and the texture of each element of the landscape (that I will accomplish on a first visual recognition and from which a photo dossier will be made), bearing in mind the ability of each element to generate sound, besides it’s plasticity.

After the sound actions are made with the chosen elements, I want to later decontextualize the result, manipulating it digitally in order to extract the desired musicality.

A third part of the project will be made of video actions based on the previous actions an recordings.

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