david biene is the photographer responsible for the amazing book Hopped-Up. It looks at Europe's kustom kulture - stylers into classic americana, but based in places like sweden, germany and the uk.
he made this film as an additional part of a print project we
did together a month ago for Dickies workwear.
in the photo essay, biene documents his trip to one of Europe's biggest kustom festivals - travelling with the Draggers car and motorcycle club.
biene, who's based in Berlin/ Germany, got into the scene through his love of the music and motorcycles, but soon discovered that music was just a part this international scene.
kustom kulture is one of those things that seems unaffected by outside trends and fashions. it exists regardless of how much media attention it gets or doesn't get and seems to have enough inherent cultural richness to simply keep on going.
(Jason Jules garmsville.com/2010/11/hotrod-road-movie.html )

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