The title means three in the three languages spoken in my home,
...a conceptual piece I wrote and arranged for my three
Alvarez Yairi acoustic guitars..
I limit my playing to the the three treble strings of each guitar,
and the piece as a musical composition ended up being around three minutes...
The Alvarez Yairi has a cool logo/ symbol that uses the letter A and Y as an intersecting pyramid / triangle..
In a way it's my tribute to these guitars from the Japanese Luthier Kazuo Yairi who builds quality and affordable guitars, these guitars are all decades old...
I played this DADGAD tuning which keeps the triad on three open notes..
I will elaborate more on the visual composition..
just gave up on long rendering time... ;-)
I spent the whole New year;'s Day recording the music, and troubleshooting technology ;-( .... then the day after on the video..
Wishing everyone a promising Year of the Hare !!!

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