Footprint, Rise (2005). Handmade paper with pencil and steel wire, music stands, two pianos, recording inside piano bench, live violin. 3 hours; 1:50 min clip. [Chicago Cultural Center, IL]

This piece gives body to absence, with sound based off Brahms' first piano rhapsody. Inside the bench is a recording of the artist playing this piece. To create a sound landscape, piano instructions on handmade paper sit on music stands. Originally, the site had been promised 100 Steinway pianos, but they never arrived. Music stands replaced pianos, and instructions sat on two upright pianos in the entrance. The performer walked the perimeter of the room on windowsills and improvised off of piano sounds.

Blurb: Giving body to absence through handmade paper, live violin, recorded piano (inside of piano bench), and interactive piano. Audience scores were based on the first Brahms piano rhapsody, mastered by the deceased for whom the performance was created.

Performed at Site Unseen at the Chicago Cultural Center in 2005. Cameras: Patrick Read Johnson, Ryan Speers, Nathalie Vidlak. Editors: Brian Kallies, Cindy Lee.
© 2005

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