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Street Stories South Africa is a mini documentary created during my degree at the University of Johannesburg. It follows the day in the life of Thulani, one of many South African street children who have run away from home to find a better life in the city. Unfortunately many of these children do not find what they were looking for and end up living on the street, homeless.

This was the first time I think we as students had a chance to film in the real world, by ourselves and unsupervised. So technically I feel a lot could have been improved, and I'm glad to know I have definitely improved.

More importantly though, we were able to follow the story of a young boy, who was extremely honest with us, and I feel is a strong point in this mini documentary, which captures the audience and brings attention to such an issue.

Festival selection:
Selected for the Africala Film festival in Mexico during 2011
Selected for the Eco-film festival in Sri Lanka during 2012
Selected for the Eco-film festival in Kuala Lumpur 2013


Director: Rick Joaquim
Camera: Candice Saber
Editor: Namhla Godlo

© 2011 Duck Rabbit Studios

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