Architectural Sound Installation by Robin Meier and Ali Momeni commissioned by Musée d'Art Modern in Paris for the exhibition entitled DYNASTY (June 10-September 5, 2010) with support from the Council for Artistic Creation

A Tentative Call to the Other consists of a forest of suspended loud-speakers as well as a large speaker nearly 2m in diameter.

Within this immersive sonic environment, the visitor discovers the barrage of electromagnetic activity that surrounds us. Invisible but omnipresent, these signals are picked up with a special antenna placed on the roof of the museum. In parallel with the sonified electrical activity, visitors also hear sounds originating in outer space, picked up by ESA’s CoRoT Satellite, that are made audible in real-time thanks to a collaboration with Eric Michel from the Paris Observatory.

The diffusion of these sounds is punctuated by interviews with astrologers, hymns, and incantations of ritualistic prayers in Southeast Asian languages. This installation thus offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the painted mural by Raoul Dufy, La Fée Electricité (1937) at Musée d’Art Modern, itself a commentary on the impact of the urban electric grid human society.

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