||| Headphones or Stereo Speakers recommended |||

Submersed Songs is a sound installation that generates mp3 player remixes through the movements of four live fish. The animals' movements and the proximity among them work as a parameter for mixing and spatializing the audience's music tracks in real time.

This system constantly mashes-up two different songs recorded by different users. The two tracks are submitted to different modification processes, building a real time continuity between the swimming of the carp fish and the levels of distortion- which can vary from an intense reverberation to a simulation of hearing underwater.

{filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil}

* This installation is quadraphonic. The video has been mixed to stereo L+R from the original output.

concept and production:
Vivian Caccuri

video production:
Alex Tyson

André Perrotta

Itaú Cultural
SESI Vila Leopoldina

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