I recently sculpted Matt Damon for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show (and for Matt's 40th birthday).
For this piece, I tried to capture a look somewhere between all the expressions Matt can make with his VERY animated face. The result is a sculpture that sometimes looks like he's about to smile, sometimes smirking, sometimes irritated. The idea was to have the expression go with whatever was being said on the show. I like the piece- this is classical portraiture and the expression changes with the lighting.

I am offering workshops now! I am available for lectures/ visits.

Any celebrities out there who see this video and are interested in seeing themselves or their friends in sculpted form, I DO take commissions!

I sculpt exclusively in Cx5- a material I invented and will be making available for purchase this year. Cx5 handles like fine clay when warm and is hard as plastic when cool. My two favorite properties of the material are: First, it needs NO armature! (regardless of the size of the piece- it is TOTALLY self-supporting), and second, when it's cool, you can be as rough as you like with it without worrying about mushing up your details. In fact, I scrub my sculptures vigorously with dish soap and a toothbrush to keep them clean throughout the sculpting process- something you absolutely cannot do with ordinary clay. It is liberating to be able to hold a sculpture in your hand as it takes form instead of having it be stuck on an armature! (More on that in the next video...) Cx5 can be reused indefinitely and is completely non-toxic.

For more information on anything you see here, check out my website: AdamBeane.com and sign up for my mailing list.

Also I am on Facebook! And will start blogging soon...

I hope you enjoy this video.
I made it in iMovie (difficult!) and am looking forward to trying out Final Cut Pro!

Thanks for looking!!
-Adam Beane

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