Role: Lead Modeler, Layout Artist

One of nine in a series of Toys R Us commercials produced for their television Christmas campaign. (2010)

Production Credits:
Client Toys R Us
Agency Rosenbaum, Inc.

LAIKA/house Credit List:
Director Nicholas Weigel
Executive Producer Jan Johnson
Producer Andrew Harvey
Production Coordinator Kelly Hunnicut
Production Coordinator Jamie Pulliam
Production Coordinator Julie Ragland
PA Martha Steele
PA Dave Gulick

Lead Concept Artist Don Flores
Concept Artist Ben Chan
Concept Artist Robin Joseph
Concept Artist Jenny Kincade
Concept Artist Ovi Nedelcu
Matte Painter Don Flores
Matte Painter Ovi Nedelcu
Storyboard Artist Trevor Jiminez
Storyboard Artist Joe Meredith
Storyboard Artist Ovi Nedelcu
Storyboard Artist Chris Purdin
Storyboard Artist Achiu Valentino So
Storyboard Artist Eric Wiese

Technical Lead Chris Immroth
Assistant Technical Support Skylr Chamberlin
Lead Modeler Michael Berger
Modeler Mike Altman
Modeler Tom Cushwa
Modeler Scott Denton
Modeler Stanley Ilin
Modeler Javier Leon
Modeler Josh Tonnesen
Modeler Jon Dorfman
Modeling Intern James Lee
Modeling Intern Jae Park
Modeling Intern Chris Russo
Lead Rigger Terence Jacobson
Rigger Jason Baskin
Layout Michael Berger
Layout Skylr Chamberlin
Layout Scott Denton
Layout Josh Harvey
Layout Yin-Fang Liao
Layout Brik Nelson
Layout Anthony Patti
Layout Josh Tonnesen
Layout Jon Dorfman
Lead Animator Greg Kyle
Animator Aja Bogdanoff
Animator Ian Brauner (also Previs)
Animator Kameron Gates (also Previs)
Animator Josh Look
Animator Kevin Phelps
Animator Allan Steele (also Previs)
Animation Intern Teresa Adolf
Animation Intern Jeremy Fries
Animation Intern Ryan Schaller
Animation Intern Michael Sime
Lead Texture/Surfacing/Lighting/Compositing Artist Saira Mathew
Texture/Surfacing/Lighting/Compositing Artist Iggy Ayestaran
Texture/Surfacing/Lighting/Compositing Artist Josh Harvey
Texture/Surfacing/Lighting/Compositing Artist Anthony Patti
Texture/Surfacing/Lighting/Compositing Artist Todd Sheridan Perry
Texture/Surfacing/Lighting/Compositing Artist Matt Reslier
Texture/Surfacing/Lighting/Compositing Artist Szymon Weglarski
Texture/Surfacing Javier Leon
Texture/Surfacing Chris Smallfield
Texture/Surfacing Holly Webster
Texture/Surface Intern Jae Park
Texture/Lighting/Compositing Intern James Lee
Texture/Lighting/Compositing Intern Chris Russo
Hair Styling Jon Dorfman
Hair Styling Javier Leon
Hair Styling Karl Richter
Lead FX Rogerio Mendes
FX Pete Hamilton
FX Karl Richter
Render Wrangler Jason Potter

Editor Steve Miller
Flame Artist Rex Carter
Flint Artist Leif Peterson
Scheduler Melissa Tvetan
Tape Op Travis Ezell

Company Rosenbaum, Inc.
Principal Peter Rosenbaum
Executive Producer Kara Harris
Creative Director Kevin Seavitt
Account Director Ann Moorehouse

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