Mobile Video from my Sprint LG Phone [Rumor 1.3 MegaPixel]; it's quiet interesting how I still spend a good amount of time of producing and editing using low Mobile Quality videos.

I enjoy it actually and I try to make the best of it as I do with everything else especially when limited with the tools I have and if I do have the tools, I take it to it's full advantage or with the tools or not, I just like to challenge myself to continue Explorin' & Experiencin'. ENJOY THE QUICK n SHORT Mobile Video documenting a couple of class events.
Music: Brian Daly - Hyper Fuzz from the Sony Acid Pro 5.0/Sony Music Studio 6.0 Content Disk 1 Loops + Samples | © 2005 Madison Media Software, Inc.; a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. All Rights Reserved

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