Musician Chris Schlarb, based in Long Beach California, became involved with the independent gaming scene through his record label Asthmatic Kitty. Swedish designer Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren had been sent a copy of the musician's experimental album Twilight and Ghost Stories, leading to a collaboration that quickly ballooned in scope.

Though Nifflas typically writes his own music using synthetic instruments, "Night Game" was intended to feature live acoustic recordings. Centering on a glowing, rolling ball that the player guided past obstacles in nocturnal, outdoor settings, the concept became the basis for a multi-year project. Following its nomination at the Independent Games Festival Awards, it was renamed NightSky and was recently published by Nicalis Inc. for the PC.

In this interview, the musician takes a look back at the making of the puzzle game with an emphasis on the design decisions underlying the score. The soundtrack album, which received an honorable mention in this year's IGF Excellence in Audio category, can be streamed in full on Bandcamp. It appears together with the composer's both highly personal and collaborative original albums Psychic Temple and Twilight and Ghost Stories.

Chris Schlarb

Nifflas Games

Videogame Music in Context

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