World Aids Day Campaign 2010 by the Aids organisation Vergiss Aids nicht e.V. (Don´t forget Aids e.V.).

The rate of HIV infection among 15 to 29-year-olds has increased by 56% over the last ten years. For this reason, Vergiss AIDS nicht e.V. would like to educate teenagers about the risk of HIV.

Cock Out: an online game that takes a literal approach to the fight against HIV. The user takes part in a virtual boxing match against the diabolical human immunodeficiency virus. What makes this game so unique is that it's not played using a keyboard or joystick, but instead with the user's penis -- inside a special condom.

A marker on the condom packaging allows the user to access the game. The webcam detects the horizontal movements of the red condom on the player's penis. The game's features include a choice between three penis fighters, two hosts who ensure player "endurance" between rounds and a function that allows users to share their high scores on Facebook. Launched on World AIDS Day, the game was advertised using a TV ad, posters, flyers, viral films, banners, social networking sites and a condom distribution promotion.

Vergiss Aids nicht e.V.
Board of Managers: Jan Schwertner, Heiko Schüßling

Philipp und Keuntje
Creative-Direction: Diether Kerner, Constantin Kaloff
Art-Direction: Mario Zaradic, Sönke Schmidt, Jens Erasmus Schröder
Text: Adrienne Tonner, René Ewert
FFF-Agentur-Producer: Sandra Niessen, Axel Leyck
Online-Agentur-Producer: Arne Broich
Account Director: Steffen Schwab, Sabrina Bohnacker

Ziggy Mediahouse
Executive Producer: Siegfried F. Nümann
Regie: Anatol Kotte
Head of Production: Thomas Arnold
Producer: Florian Pauli
DoP and 1st. Camera: Alexander Nabi
2nd. Camera: Pat Calderwood
Sound Ingenieur: Mischka Heimberger
Ausstattung: Käthe Geller, Marco Galli
Cutter: Hendryk Press, Michael Palfi
Casting: Birgit Eipper
Locationscouting: Christian Prigl

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