ah a classic game for any simpson fan (and just a few yards away from the big simpson's movie promo display).

also a bit of a confusing (or dated) game since springfiled turns into a battle ground againstinfamous men in the purple suits, and Bongo-like rabbits.

you also gotta beat up a bunch of fat olld men. miniboss-like firemen and even giant donuts!

many "boss monster" type enemies will appear at the end of each level. These bosses include, but are not restricted to: Giant Bowling Balls, A Professional Wrestler, A Drunken Teenager, A Pair of Bouncers...

all leading to the biggest meanie of the day...Smithers?

yeah, i dunno what konami was thinking...smithers is good peeps.

the best part of the game?
(yes it has lots of great things, but this one is a doozie)

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