With a 4 hour deadline at hand, 5 students from the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island were given a brief: “Create an installation for Adidas based on movement, and use the brand to bring life to the Scandinavian winter.”

Our concept uses the Adidas brand to warm up the city by bringing heat to the boring scenario of waiting for the bus in the Swedish winter.

From the street, these bus stops are recognizably Adidas branded. From inside the bus stop, one corner has shoe imprints on the ground facing a screen which entices engagement from the public. Once an individual steps on it, the game is activated and prompts the user into activity.

Fernanda Barbato fernandabarbato.com
Kris Neufeldt Bengtson krisneufeldtbengtson.com
Patricia Varella cargocollective.com/patportfolio
Mateja Aleksic
Max Norman maxnorman.se

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