A small group of lifelong friends who recognized the importance and power of the biblical story of Elijah got together to begin the process to make it into a full-length live-action feature film. Seeing the reluctance and refusal of major Hollywood production entities as a whole to respectfully bring Biblical stories to life, especially Elijah’s story, we realized that it was our mission to go forward, as a David in the world of Goliaths. Our vision is to see this powerful story forever captured on film and shared with the world. We invested our time and money to develop the project and attract a brilliant screen writer, along with a lot of interest in many supporting areas in film making. We want to let our world-wide audience know what they can expect in the near future, and ask for their prayers. We also welcome your thoughts and words of encouragement.


Elijah was one of the great figures of the ancient world, a prophet and a leader of his nation, at a time of enormous crisis. Elijah appeared, Israel was under threat from the world’s most ferocious empire, based in the nation that is today Iraq. And also being undermined from within by its own Queen, one of the most sensual and seductive figures in the whole bible, Jezebel. Jezebel had come from Phoenician to marry the young Israelite King Ahab, and cement an alliance that would protect the nation from its enemies abroad. But she brought with her a fanatical determination to ween Ahab’s people away from their allegiance to Jehovah and entrap them in the blood-thirsty, erotically charged worship of the god known as Baal. As she bullied and seduced more and more Israelites to her cause, her husband Ahab acquiesced bit by bit, fearing to lose the alliance Jezebel represented.

All might have been lost, and Israel plunged into paganism forever, had it not been for one extraordinary man, Elijah. He appeared out of nowhere, strong, incorruptible, single mindedly determined to save his nation’s soul, even if it meant taking on both Israel’s, King and its fanatical Queen. Buoyed up by the strength of his personal relationship with God, Elijah staked everything on a climatic confrontation between Baal and Jehovah at Mount Carmel, a famous battle of fire, at the end of which, the claims of Baal and Jezebel lie shattered in the dust. But the struggle is not yet over. Elijah must save Israel not just from Jezebel’s wrath, but form the crushing might of Assyria, must bolster the wavering Ahab to stand up for what he knows is right, and lead the nation in the final chariot battle with the forces of darkness. Springing straight from the pages of the old testament, from the stirring chapters of Kings and Chronicles, Elijah tells the story of faith, heroism and redemption, which not only illumines the past of biblical times, but also provides a shining beacon for our own.

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