Samantha is on assignment, reporting on a local Guitar Hero competition, when she lucks into her good friend and neighbor, Charlie. After an unfortunate accident, Samantha may have to sideline journalistic integrity and become part of the story she's observing to be the hero the day needs.

This is the second episode of the award winning show, A World of Her PWN - winner of the Escapist Magazine's 2nd Annual Film Festival. It was picked up for 5 episodes - with an additional two filler episodes that blurred the line of reality by having Samantha conduct real interviews at the 4th Annual NYC Comic Convention.

Samantha Mason as Samantha Baker
Patrick Pizzolorusso as Charlie Palidino
Denise Mullen as The Tired Coordinator
Amye Lewis as Convention Vixen
Gavin Starr Kendall as The Master of Ceremonies
Joey Nova as Dan "Rocky" Rhodes
Rachel DeGenaro as Rocker Roadie
Gina Ferrante as Lady With Cat
Allison Howe as Lady With Flowers
Candace Yoshioka as Concert Patron
Sebastian LeCoq Pizzolorusso Ferrante as The Cat

Sound Crew
Bobby Timony

Makeup by
Candace Aya Yoshioka

Director of Photography
Daniel Brosnan

Written, Edited, and Directed by
Douglas MacKrell

Featuring the singles:
"Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce

"Balloon Fight" by Shael Riley and The Grammar Club

Original Theme Song "Zap" by
Ian Tornay

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