A shy man struggles to overcome anxiety and disappointment through a series of chance encounters as he strives to build his idealized self.


About the production: this short film was shot for my intermediate production class in the film and video production major at California State University Long Beach during Spring of 2010.

The objective was to shoot a narrative film with one 400 foot roll of 16mm film (which is approximately 11 minutes of film) within a single 12 hour shoot including 5 hours with the actors. It was a very tight schedule for everything that I wanted to shoot and we ended up having to drop a few shots because we were running out of film and out of time, but my wonderful cast and crew made it possible to complete it within most of the given parameters. We unfortunately went over the 5 hours with some of the actors, but they never wavered. Thank you again, everyone!

Technical details: Shot on Kodak 7201 EI 50 Daylight balanced negative film on an Aaton LTR camera. Unfortunately I did not note exactly what kinds of lenses we used. Edited in Sony Vegas Pro and prepared for Vimeo in Handbrake. No color grading was done other than any adjustments during the unsupervised telecine.

Additional Credits (people not on Vimeo):
Executive Producer: Kevin O'Brien
Director of Photography: Robert Perez
Boom Operator: Bryce Marrero
Musical Score: Raul Vega

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