Watch Ananda Leeke give her talk "Digital Sisterhood: A Self-Care, Self-Discovery, and Social Justice Movement for Women in Social Media" at the Ignite Speakers Night sponsored by Social Justice Camp II: The Empowered Are Back on January 21, 2011, at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Washington, DC.

Click on the link to view Ananda's PowerPoint presentation:

Click on link to see event photos:

Health muralist and activist Regina Holliday organized and hosted the event. Click on the link to learn more about Regina and the Social Justice Camp Ignite speakers:

Visit digitalsisterhood.wordpress and for more information about the Digital Sisterhood Network.

Visit to learn more about Ananda and her current book project, Digital Sisterhood, a memoir (December 2011).

Ananda's books Love's Troubadours, a novel and That Which Awakens Me, a poetic memoir are available on

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