Shirdi SaiBaba Temple, Tokyo 20110115-01 Aarti, Mantra, Chant, Abhishek, Fire-Puja

Sai Baba Temple Built In Tokyo, Japan

Recently a Shirdi Sai Baba Temple has
been built in Tokyo, Japan. The name
of the temple is 'Bongaren. 'The
meaning is 'Brahman=Atman
mastering Lotus.'
There is an Idol of big 'Shirdi SaiBaba'.
'Shirdi Saibaba is sitting on the rock.
The statue is a 2.3-meter giant. It is the
greatest size in Japan. There is an Idol
of big 'Shivalingam'.
'Shivalingam' is 100 cm or more.
'Shivalingam' is built with the gorgeous
design. The Statue of Shirdi Sai Baba
is made from the Japanese white stone
which is most valuable.
There is also an Idol of big
'Kalachakra'. The ceiling is very
beautiful, 'Mandala or yantra' is drawn. The saint of a three
major religion is enshrined equally.
Kiyotaka Aiuchi and Kaco Aiuchi visited Shirdi many times.
They love 'Shirdi Sai Baba' and the Temple of Shirdi village.
The glimpses of the temple are available at:
Kiyotaka Aiuchi, Kaco Aiuchi,Tokyo, Japan.

108 Names of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba
The Garland of One Hundred and Eight Names of the Venerable Shirdi Sai

1.Om, to the Venerable Lord Sai, prostration !

2.Om, to (Vishnu as the Sleeping God lying on waters in the interval between destruction and re-manifestation of universes) Narayana (accompanied by the Goddess of Wealth)L akshmi, prostration !

3.Om, to Him whose forms Krishna and Rama, Hanuman the son of wind and so on are, prostration !

4.Om, to Vishnu (in his aforementionned form) laying on Shesha (Divine Serpent), prostration !

5.Om, to who has His abode near the shores of(the Holy river) Godavari, prostration!

6.Om, to Him whose seat (His) devotees' hearts are, prostration!

7.Om, to Him whose abode the hearts of all (beings) are, prostration!

8.Om, to Him in whom the beings dwell, prostration!

9.Om, to Him who is bereft of past, future and present, prostration!

10.Om, to Him who transcends time (and death) prostration !

11.Om, to (Krishna in his cosmic aspect shown to Arjuna in the Bhagavadgita) who is Time, prostration !

12.Om, to (Shiva as Savior of His devotee Markandeya menaced by Yama) the Death of Time, prostration !

13.Om, to (Shiva in His aforementionned form) the Subduer of the pride of Time, prostration !

14.Om, to (Shiva in His aforementionned form) the Death-winner, prostration !

15.Om, to the Deathless One, prostration !

16.Om, to Him who gives mortals immortality, prostration !

17.Om, to Him who sustains the living (beings), prostration !

18.Om, to Him sustains all, prostration !

19.Om, to Him who has the power to protect His devotees, prostration !

20.Om, to Him who promises to grant favors to (His) devotees, prostration !

21.Om, to Him who grants food and clothing, prostration !

22.Om, to Him who grants health and patience, prostration !

23.Om, to Him who freely gives wealth and fortune, prostration !

24.Om, to Him who grants (yogic)powers and realization, prostration !

25.Om, to Him who grants sons, friends, wives and kin, prostration !

26.Om, to Him who brings forth yogic accomplishment, prostration !

27.Om, to Him who washes away misfortunes, prostration !

28.Om, to (Shiva as sung in a celebrated hymn by the mystic, philospher, and literate Appayya Dikshita) the Friend along the path, prostration !

29.Om, to Him who grants fruitions, liberation, heaven and abandonment of rebirth, prostration !

30.Om, to the Beloved One, prostration !

31.Om, to Him who increases love, prostration !

32.Om, to (the Absolute as Paramatman, the Supreme Self) the Inner Ruler, prostration !

33.Om, to (Paramatman) who self Being and Consciousness are, prostration !

34.Om, to (Paramatman) who is Eternal Bliss, prostration !

35.Om, to Him who grants supreme ease, prostration !

36.Om, to (Paramatman) the Supreme Lord, prostration !

37.Om, to (Paramatman) the Supreme Brahman, prostration !

38.Om, to the Supreme Self, prostration !

39.Om, to (Paramatman) whose nature very nature gnosis is, prostration !

40.Om, to (Brahma) the Father of the universe, prostration !

41.Om, to (Brahma) who is a mother for (His) devotees, the Bearer (of universe) and the Great Sire, prostration !

42.Om, to Him who freely gives to (His) devotees fearlessness, prostration !

43.Om, to Him who cares for (His) devotees, prostration !

44.Om, to Him who is very gracious to (His) devotees, prostration !

45.Om, to Him who loves those who seek refuge (in Him), prostration !

46.Om, to Him who freely gives devotion and power, prostration !

47.Om, to Him who grants gnosis and detachment, prostration !

48.Om, to Him who freely gives love, prostration !

49.Om, to Him who causes obliteration of doubts, heart feebleness, sins, karman( of present and past lives) and the traces (thereof), prostration !

50.Om, to Him who cuts off the heart knot (Upanishadic metaphor for ultimate realization), prostration !

51.Om, to the Destroyer of karman (of present and past lives), prostration !

52.Om, to Him who stays in pure minds, prostration !

53.Om, to (paramatman) who transcents attributes and (yet) is the very self of attributes, prostration !

54.Om, to (Vishnu as worshipped by the Pancaratra tradition) who is possessed of infinite auspicious attributes, prostration !

55.Om, to Him whose strength is unmeasureable, prostration !

56.Om, to the Conqueror, prostration !

57.Om, to the Unconquerable and Unshakable One, prostration !

58.Om, to the Invincible One, prostration !

59.Om, to (Vishnu in His descent in the world as the Brahmin dwarf, Vamana) whose going in unimpeded in the three worlds (earth, intermediate space, and heaven), prostration !

60.Om, to Him for whom nothing is impossible, prostration !

61.Om, to Him who is All-Powerful, prostration !

62.Om, to the Handsome and Beautiful One, prostration !

63.Om, to Him with beautiful eyes, prostration !

64.Om, to Him of many shapes, having all forms, prostration !

65.Om, to (Paramatman) the Formless and Unmanifest One, prostration !

66.Om, to (Paramatman) the Unthinkabale One, prostration !

67.Om, to (Paramatman) the Subtle One, prostration !

68.Om, to (Paramatman) who is everybody's Inner Ruler, prostration !

69.Om, to (Paramatman) who transcends mind and speech, prostration !

70.Om, to Him whose face Love (as the ultimate mystic experience) is, prostration !

71.Om, to Him easy to reach (yet) difficult to approach, prostration !

72.Om, the Helper of the Helpless, prostration !

73.Om, to the Protector of those without protector, the Friend of the poor, prostration !

74.Om, to Him who takes upon Himself everyone's burden, prostration !

75.Om, to Him who well accomplishes the unsavory tasks, prostration !

76.Om, to Him the hearing of whose glorification is purifying, prostration !

77.Om, to the (holy) Ford, prostration !

78.Om, to (Krishna) Vasudeva's Son, prostration !

79.Om, to the Ultimate Resort of the good, prostration !

80.Om, to the Final End of the good, prostration !

81.Om, to the Lord of the worlds, prostration !

82.Om, to the Purifier Immaculate, prostration !

83.Om, to (the Moon identified with Holy Plant Soma) whose filaments give forth the juice of immortality, prostration !

84.Om, to the Sun of shining halo, prostration !

85.Om, to Him whose vows are chastity, asceticism and so on, prostration !

86.Om, to Him who is the ultimate resort of truthfulness, prostration !

87.Om, to Shiva of Yogic powers, prostration !

88.Om, to the Lord of the Realized Ones (the immortal yogin Dattatreya), prostration !

89.Om, to (Shiva) the Lord of Yoga, prostration !

90.Om, to the Possessor of Divine Glory, prostration !

91.Om, to Him who loves His devotees, prostration !

92.Om, to the True Male (purusa), prostration !

93.Om, to the Best among Men, prostration !

94.Om, to (the Guru) who awakens (His disciples) to the Principles of Reality, prostration !

95.Om, to the Destroyer of the Six Foes beginning with Desire (Desire, Anger, Greed, Hatred, Pride, and Envy), prostration !

96.Om, to Him who freely gives the actual experience of Undivided Bliss, prostration !

97.Om, to (the Sai himself, here presented in a characteristic feature of His teaching) who approves all religious persuasions as equal, prostration !

98.Om, to the Venerable (Shiva as the Teacher of Absolute Truth through silence) with His face to the South(the direction of Death, as identified with one of the Fires in the Vedic sacrifice), prostration !

99.Om, to Ramana, the Lord of Venkata Hill, prostration !

100.Om, to Him of wonderful and blissful deeds, prostration !

101.Om, to Him who takes away the pains of those who yield themselves (to Him), prostration !

102.Om, to the Cause of the obliteration of every suffering of the Round of Rebirth, prostration !

103.Om, to the Omniscient One, whose face is turned everywhere, prostration !

104.Om, to Him who stays inside and outside all(beings), prostration !

105.Om, to the Cause of all auspiciousness, prostration !

106.Om, to Him who freely gives all things wished for, prostration !

107.Om, to Him who consolidates the Truth Path along which all experience (for the mystic) has the same taste, prostration !

108.Om, to the Venerable Efficacious True Guru, the Lord Sai, prostration !

Hail Shri Sainath Maharaj, the Supreme Guru

Hail the Guru!

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