Recursion Projection Therapy - 2 Day Exhibition
Southern Exposure Art Gallery - San Francisco - Nov 2010

Recursion Projection Therapy is a fusion of immersive video art and integrative therapeutic massage. Video Goggles for both client and practitioner provide an out-of-body camera perspective. Wearing the goggles allows the participants to see the video projections on themselves and on each other from a shared origin of focus located overhead. Research suggests that this particular video feedback arrangement induces out-of-body experiences. For more info: recursionprojectiontherapy.com

The images are controlled by the therapist using the live VJ tool Modul8 on a MacBookPro. The images themselves are samples of analog video feedback created using multiple cameras, video mixers, and tube televisions.
For more info on the video content: recursionvideolab.com

Towards and Intelligent Healing Space

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