Submission for Cinema Out of Your Backpack

This psychological thriller focuses on Rose, a woman who’s past life springs upon her when all she wanted to do was forget it. Tucker was the love of her life until he became crazed with obsession about her. Tucker’s obsession led him to almost kill himself and Rose managed to be free from him because of his placement in a therapy center. When Rose was finally free, she met Dylan and wouldn’t let herself admit she loved him. With Tucker gone, Rose was free to hide her old life and begin fresh. This scene is right after Tucker returns. Rose had been at dinner with Dylan when Tucker showed up. Rose pretended not to know Tucker in order to keep that part of her from Dylan and in hoping that Tucker wasn’t back.
During this scene, Rose remembers Tucker and realizes that he is truly back... And he isn’t leaving until he has her.

Filmed Edited and Directed by.. Travis Guerra
Written by Brittney Price
Rose..Brittney Price
Tucker... Tyler Smith
Assistant...Madison Guerra
Music by Kevin Macleod

Shot hand held.
5D Mark II
Rode Video Mic
Canon 85mm L 1.2 USM II
Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro
Canon 17-35 L 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.4

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