To break in our new loft apartment, my girlfriend and I hosted a science themed house party. Here's a timelapse of approx. 1500 photos, starting at about 9pm and going until the camera battery died at 3am.

It does neglect to show a few details that I'd like to brag about though, like the elaborate drinks mixing station in the kitchen, two full-sized Companion Cubes (one barely visible in the lower left), and the fact that Bill Nye/Beakman's World episodes are being projected onto the wall behind the DJ's.

Thanks to:

Michael Bain for use of his camera, laptop, & help setting this up
DJ Spaz & Lucy Conquered Man for making awesome tunes
Sara Chicazul for her Portal-themed aerial silks performance
and everyone else for being awesome

Music: 'Very Busy People' by The Limousines

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