Punching and fighting and accents.


Directed - Emily Janice Card & Keith Paugh
DP - Keith Paugh
Editing - Jeff Dickson & Keith Paugh
Visual Effects - Jeff Dickson
Sound - Leslie Paugh
Stunt Choreographer - Michelle Crompton
Location - Porter Family Home, Santa Rosa Valley

Esther Rawlings - Lizzie Bennet
Emily Janice Card - Fanny Price
Farrah Walker - Emma Woodhouse
Wendy Crompton - Marianne Dashwood
Michelle Crompton - Eleanor Dashwood

Bonnie Anderson - Anne Elliot
Tiffany Jordan - Jane Fairfax
Renee Miller - Isabella Thorpe
Julie Hinton - Caroline Bingley
Jessica Preece - Lucy Steele
Kristen Hill - Lydia Bennet
Kathryn Kulish - Kitty Bennet
David Axelgard - Mr. Willoughby
Travis Morgan - Mr. Knightley
Lily - As herself

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