Filmed by Jessica Beye
Edited by Johanna Tagada

Music: Yourfeetistobig myspace.com/yftb


"Habillez mes copains !" is a project I realised for La Twall (Democratie Créative). The event took place the 22nd January in Strasbourg (France).

As a departure I used Lookbook, the fashion bloggers, this game for children called "Monsieur Patate". And how today it's more & more important to show how you dress, what you posses. All those things that make your identity for a few people.
On the wall I pasted two of my naked monsters, that I like to call "Mes Copains". On the floor, I put a few clothes, hats, accessories, so the people present for the event could choose how to dress each of my monsters.
A little game which took place in the street and not on Internet.

It was for me a good experience to make this "Collage Participatif". I would like to do it again in other cities, with more monsters. Oh, and something I didn't really thought about before this saturday of January, people don't like having them hands full of glue, so the most of the time they asked me to stick what they had selected.


Merci à:

Démocratie Créative - democratiecreative.com
Jessica Beye
Kevin Benishek myspace.com/yftb
Lazy Oaf lazyoaf.co.uk

And all the people who came & participated!


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