“This is Your Sheehy”
Sheehy Auto Stores, Fairfax, VA
Steve Cocklin, Photographer & Editor
Anne Cocklin, Associate Producer & Sound
Anne Sessions, Producer
Shot using the Canon 5D 1080i

Sheehy Auto Stores is an $800 million company operating in the Washington DC region with over 40 dealerships and franchises. Cocklins Video was hired to produce an 18 minute video to advertise the business to potential recruits and as a company overview for new hires entering the company.

Over a period of 4 days, we used the Canon 5D and shot in 1080i to create this recruitment/informational video. The objective was twofold: one to recruit potential employees and the second to present an overview of the company combining the history of the company, present day advantages and benefits (health, etc.) offered. We divided the video into chapters creating Chapter One as a standalone recruitment video able to be viewed alone or as the introduction to the rest of the video.

In this video, the President of the company, Vince Sheehy is narrator and also appears on-camera. A teleprompter was used for his appearances. All employee sound bites were taken from on-location interviews in various dealerships, placing the employees in appropriate job locations.

Use of a dolly and mini-jib allowed us to get movement into a static environment. We frequently mounted the jib (a small crane with the camera on one end) on the dolly for high moving shots to add visual interest to the video. The dolly gave us the ability to pan around cars, move around the showrooms, etc. and both the jib and dolly fit well into a work environment.

In the creative edit process we built complex graphics special effects:
* Created a graphic of a computer screen where the viewer searches on a Googlesque website and types in the search box to query on Sheehy.
* A map graphic with photos of the dealerships appearing on screen.
* Logos of the types of cars sold spin and appear on screen.
* Old photographs were retouched. Pan and zoom effects for visual interest.

The clever script carries the viewer along easily through complex information about the company.

One employee central to the video unexpectedly left the company, forcing us to eliminate him days from completing the final video. Cocklins Video was able to successfully replace that person using other sound bites from employees due to our diligent and comprehensive interviews done on location.

With a multitude of interviews we had 125 pages of transcription to go through and select the sound bites we wanted to use in the video. The transcripts came in handy when we had to quickly replace the central employee who out of the blue left the company.

The deliverables are DVDs and digital files for the Sheehy internet.

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