Described by National Geographic as “wildly inventive” Hallgrim Hansegård has by the age of 30 established his own company and expressive style which has performed in 27 countries. Though his works often are meeting points between different cultures, his research cares about what is pure nature in what we associate with cultural behavior. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporations dance critic describes Hansegård as a “New-thinking choreographer with a strong will to do his own thing and blessedly uninhibited as far as exceeding boundaries is concerned. It’s very exciting to see folk dance in dialogue with contemporary dance.”

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (N R K) portraiting some of the most influential choreographers of Norway. This part: Hallgrim Hansegård from FRIKAR dance company. «That Hansegård is a new-thinking choreographer with a strong will to do his own thing and blessedly uninhibited as far as exceeding boundaries is concerned is something the Norwegian dance community should be happy about... At the same time that he approaches contemporary dance, he opens doors. If he succeeds in making contemporary dance accessible to a wider audience than today's, the genre of contemporary dance should learn to endure a 'halling-roundkick' or two.» -Dance critic Karen Frøsland Nystøyl - The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Right titles for the productions in the documentary are:

JAMSIIS: Direction, concept, video and dance: Hallgrim Hansegård, choreography: Sølvi Edvardsen, music: Terje Isungset, Light design: Torkel Skjærven

TidarÅ: Direction and choreography: Hallgrim Hansegård, choregraphy: Nina Lill Svendsen, music: Andreas Ljones. Light design: Sigve Sælendsminde (2009) og Inger Johanne Byhring (2010) Dancers: Vilde Viktoria Madsen, Ane Evjen Gjøvåg, Silje Onstad Hålien, Henriette Hamli, Marianne Haugli, Sulekha Ali Omar, Sudesh Adhana, Navid Rezvani, Sigbjørn Rua, Anders Aasberg, Christer Tornell, Hallgrim Hansegård

KRUK!: Direction, choreography and video: Hallgrim Hansegård, music and direction: Andreas Ljones, Light design: Torkel Skjærven. Dancers: Martin Myhr, Sigbjørn Rua, SIlje Onstad Hålien, Anita Langødegard, Ulf-Arne Johannessen, Anders Aasberg, Hallgrim Hansegård, Vetle Springard, Eirik Luksengard Fuglesteg, Ådne Kolbjørnshus, Eivind Bakken.

Wall dance: Chorepgrahy: Hallgrim Hansegård and Sudesh Adhana.

Staur: Music: Andreas Ljones, Choreography: Hallgrim Hansegård. Assistant choreographer: Mads Bøhle. Norwegian dancers: Anders Aasberg, SIlje Onstad Hålien, Mads Bøhle, Eivind Bakken, Ulf-Arne Johannessen

THE SNUFF GRINDERS: Choreography / video: Hallgrim Hansegård, music: Andreas Ljones, light design: Lars Erik Bratlie. Dancers: Miolinho, Neto, Sua P Rusten, Torkjell Leira, Maclau, Knut Rundereim, Navid Rezvani, Bboy Marcio, Argjend, Morgan Bengtson, Sigbjørn Rua, Ulf-Arne Johannessen, Torkjell Børsheim, Hallgrim Hansegård, Ådne Kolbjørnshus

Other artists portraited in the program are Jo Srømgren, Katrine Bølstad and Stellaris

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