Here's video of Ant Burgess ripping on the new XScream 'KONG' Carbon
Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass hull at the XScream Daytona Freeride.

Some of the KONG ski features include:

SS865 engine package running pump gas, an XS modified factory B-pipe, XSR
46mm carbs, XS Modified Boyesen Intake Manifold with RAD Valves, new
(quieter) XScream waterbox, EPIC programmable ignition system, XMetal
adjustable pole kit and steering system, XMetal Trim System, XS modified
intake grate, custom ride plate, OEM 144mm pump with TBM Super Cone, Skat
Trak High Performance Impeller designed to XScream Specifications, XS
modified 62T steering nozzle along with bored exit nozzle."

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