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Song : Guano Apes – lord of the boards

For the first surf trip of my life,I went to the Canary Islands when I was 12 years old,at the time,I was just a little kid happy to spend winter in warm water and to finally surf reef breaks,I certainly did not realized the potential of this archipelago and for sure,I did not imagine I will surf the best waves of my life there.

Even if I travelled a lot since,Canay Islands remains the place where I had the most memorable sessions,I love to go to the Canary Islands and I m planning on going more in the future,it s only 3 hours away from home,the cost of living is very low,the weather is warm all year and the quality of the waves is easily worth Australia.

If the Canary Islands have become famous today in the world of bodyboarding, there is only one reason in my eyes,a wave more precisely,a wave that breaks from 1 foot to 12 feets,a perfect a-frame peak,a wave that offers a ramp to do any move you want and also offers you big and heavy barrels, a wave easy to shoot from any angles…….yes,you regonize it, el FRONTON! the reason why so many bodyboarders go to the Canary Islands all curious to test the wave that was voted “best wave of the World ” by the pros themselves (Peer Pool 2010 )

Many Canarians riders proved they were some of the best riders of the world,guys like Diego Cabrera,Yeray Martinez,Guillermo Cobo,Nelson Mora… and many others became big threats on the tour and that s only the beggining,I will not be surprised if one day,a Canarian will be World Champ.

In this episode,everything was flimed in December 2009 after the contest of Confital,I decided to stay a bit more hoping to get good waves and I believe I did the right choice,I think this video will make you understand what I mean,I don t remember the last time I was so satisfied of a surf trip and score this much footage in such a small period of time.

Some of this footage are from the DVD Within, edited and filmed by THE DRIFT PRODUCTIONS,to see more,go get yourself a copy of the DVD already available in USA,Australia and soon in Europe.


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