A New Film By Jonas Hansson
Produced by BE-MAG

DVD going on sale worldwide February 2011 (Available At This Years Bitter Cold Showdown)

Starring Dominik Wagner • Kaare Lindberg • Mathieu Heinemann
With Jacob Juul • Gabriel Hyden • Marc Moreno • Robert Guerrero • Anders Rishøj

Filmed in the following cities around the world
Paris • Copenhagen • Chicago • Innsbruck • Barcelona • NYC


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Check out the article on BE-MAG: be-mag.com/article/1707-TRAITEMENT-Official-Trailer-Premiere-Info

Trailer Songs: Efterklang • Cutting Ice To Snow - From the album "Parades"
Seu Jorge • Rebel Rebel - From the album "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"

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