Surviving Invasion
The Japanese Occupation in Penang

The people of Penang could never have guessed that their perception of safety and security could have been more wrong. Living in ignorance under the British ruling, they were abandoned, ungoverned, as the Japanese invaded Malai. Their everyday lives were suddenly halted by the sounds of war planes, planes they have never seen before. None were prepared for the tragedy to come. Curiosity lead most towards following the plane’s direction and in an instance, they were dead.

In December 11th 1941, the Japanese military raided Penang through their fierce and mighty Air Force. The incident lasted for nearly a week before the Japanese discovered that the British has left Penang unmanaged. Fear for survival was inflicted to everyone. Chaos and disorder erupted amongst the people. The children steals, adults cheats, poverty engulfed the State, this marks the new beginnings of a new era under the Japanese military ruling. Propaganda arises, speaking good of the new government while the people were punished and tormented out of sight. The people of Penang were forced to learn new languages and adapt to the new system of governments through means of emotional and mental manipulation.

This is a story about the truth behind what has been published in newspapers, the people’s experiences and lives, and the Japanese’s menace. The documentary explores the effects of economics, sociology and psychology of the people. Real life experiences will be illustrated with the support of scientific and historical explanations of what really happen. Looking at the lives of survivors through their own eyes, portraying their experiences with reenactments, historic facts and scientific explanations.

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