The increasing speed and competition in today’s market will change your business. Not just in the future, but this year. It’s inevitable, and you know it. Growth, however, is optional.

Your company must decide to use these opportunities to grow. Whether these changes are caused by the volatile economy, or goals set to reach new levels of success, the process your company uses to manage change will determine its success or failure. Most of the time, 7 out of 10, change initiatives fail to achieve the desired results.

Will your company’s approach to change guarantee success?

2011: Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional will discuss the five step process that took a struggling company from $38M to $350M in annual revenue in only 3.5 years - all while in a poor economy. By the end of this webinar you will know how to:

• Evaluate your company’s current approach to change
• Create a 4 X ROI on strategic initiatives
• Start your business on the path to increase value by 400% in 4-5 years
• Create a winning vision for your organization
• Identify performance gaps
• Focus your organization on vital priorities
• Maximize the value of your existing resources

Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to receive additional support in taking the next steps to choose growth in 2011.


Juan Riboldi Ascent Advisor founder, lead advisor and author of the book, "The Path of Ascent", combines 20 years of research and experience as a consultant helping companies align their people and processes to achieve success in 100 days. He has worked with companies such as IBM, Cisco Systems, Sony Pictures, and Nissan. In addition to his consulting experience, Juan has taught courses in leadership and organizational change at Harvard, Pepperdine, and BYU.

To learn more about Juan Riboldi and Ascent Advisor visit us at:

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