This shot, along with the previously uploaded jungle scene are part of the same project.

I reworked this particular shot so that I could include a realflow sim, since I felt that the original solution that I came up with for the water wasn't quite authentic enough when it came to animation.

The sim in realflow was about 1.5 million particles using regular emitters. I tried to use the hybrido particle sim, but I kept running into stability/crash/corrupted file issues when the particle numbers got really high. I meshed it, then brought into my original scene in Cinema, and then rendered this out with AR3, QMC GI, and the "scene motion blur" trick to get the anti-aliasing smooth and flicker free GI. Rendered out a depth pass too, and comped it in AE with DOF, color correction..etc.

I decided to throw some sound into this just to spice it up a little. The sounds are all from the Freesound project.

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