Clarissa King has two dreams. One is an aspiration to become a successful film actress. To nail the audition she has lined up, get that callback and pack her bags for L.A. To leave her dysfunctional family and unreliable boyfriend behind and head for the hills...The Hollywood Hills. This dream occupies most of her waking thoughts. The other dream comes in the night. It plagues her sleep. It is a terrifying nightmare that feels all too real.

Do these two dreams go hand in hand? Is the stress of her current life bringing on the nightmares? Will success in the film industry make them go away? Or are the dreams at odds with one another? Are her nightmares trying to warn her against the very move she thinks will cure them?

Credits: Kevin Kolsch (writer/director/producer), Dennis Widmyer (producer/asst. director), Parker Cross (cinematography). Starring, Meghan Miller, Damian Maffei, Amanda Donelan and Brian James Fitzpatrick.

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