The Bird’s Nest continues the collaboration between installation artist Jan-Erik Andersson and sound artist Shawn Decker. This is a site-specific public work that includes sculptural and sound elements. This particular version of the nest, which has also been shown in Berlin (at the Klosterstrasse Ruine), at the Kiasma museum in Helsinki, and at Hyvinkaa, Finland (in the Central Plaza), was shown as an outdoor version for the first time at Wakefield Public Arts (Wakefield, UK) in 2004, where it was situated just outside the Public Arts Center.

The Bird’s Nest in part explores new ways of developing architecture based on forms found in nature. These forms are combined with kinetic sound works that are likewise derived directly from natural processes. The artists see these acoustic and kinetic elements as functioning within the context of architecture as a kind of ornamentation, broadening of the concept of the “ornament” to include sound and rhythm.

Although the Bird’s Nest looks chaotic, it is made of a single, geometric, triangular shaped wooden ”module". The concept of the module has been widely used in modernist architecture, resulting in monotonous buildings with repeated patterns. In the “Bird’s Nest” structure, however, the arrangement of the triangular "modules" in a semi-chaotic manner creates a space which is more organic – and rooted in structures found within natural systems.

Visitors are invited to sit down inside the Nest and experience the transparency of the structure and how it allows the surrounding environment to be a part of the experience, yet held at a distance as well. In this version of the nest, the transparency of the nest, and the juxtaposition of the nest sounds with those of the surrounding environment are particularly interesting.

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