The Papercut of Doom!
The Inconvenient Evil!
Beware the wrath of...
Final Straw!

I'm sure you hear the story all about how Capt. Nitro went insane.
He had a bad day.
Let me explain.

See a thousand things went wrong, thanks to me, The Final Straw.
I broke his brain.
It started in the morning, his alarm clock didn't sound.
He got a little scalded when he tried to take a shower.
Now he's running late, a little behind.
A ticket on the NitroCar and i'm just getting started.

I am the Pebble in your shoe
I am the Sidewalk dog poo.
I am the thing that makes you climb a tower with an uzi.
I am the thousand little things that make your day go wrong.
Prepare to feel my wrath I am the Final Straw.

It's only going to get worse when i reach the second verse of this song.
Other things go wrong.

In his favorite magazine, the article he was reading was gone.
Well his elevator stopped on every single floor.
And his favorite snack machine stole his very last quarter
That's the thing that broke him, he threw a hissy fit.

If that's not League of Evil Material I don't know what is.

I am the the hangnail that consumes you
I'm the paper cut of doom.
I am the neighbors that just won't stop doing it.

and when you're crying because everything's gone wrong
remember that you crossed me, i am the final straw.

'Cause i don't need giant robots.
I don't need shark bazookas.
I don't need death rays or a diamond powered anything.

Cause i'm not the type of supervillain currently in fashion
Not a glory hound attention hog who needs to make a splash
and hold a city hostage
for a briefcase full of cash.

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